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The status quo of smart bicycle sharing system

Date: 2019/11/07

The smart bicycle sharing system used today is gradually saturated, and there is no more market to accommodate the new system. Let's take a look at his current situation.

The smart bicycle sharing system currently in use are all intelligently managed and used. The vehicle is used by downloading the program before use. In this process, the information of the vehicle and the user's information are uploaded and uploaded to the management system of the vehicle, which is convenient for deducting the amount of the vehicle and the loss of the vehicle. Find the user later.

smart bicycle sharing system

Today's vehicles are used for fixed-point use and parking. There are two reasons for this. One is because there are more parking points for vehicles, and there are parking spots where there are many people. It can maintain the cleanliness of road vehicles and facilitate users to use the vehicles. Another is because there is a positioning system on the vehicle, which is mandatory for the user to place the vehicle to the parking spot, and to display the location of the parking point on the road in real time, so that the user has the awareness of parking to the point.

Nowadays, the type of the vehicle has also been upgraded, and the ordinary bicycle is added with an electric assist system to make it a booster, which improves the driving speed and reduces the physical exertion of the user.

We know that the development of public transportation is very fast now, but the time spent waiting for the bus is not small. When the traffic is low, waiting for a bus takes much longer than the cost of riding. It takes longer. So now it's more convenient to choose asmart bicycle sharing system when going to a short distance destination. For more information on sharing systems, please feel free to contact us.

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