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Advantages and disadvantages of public city bicycle systems

Date: 2019/10/31

With the spread of public transportation, people have more options in the choice of travel modes. It is difficult to choose transportation in the criss-crossing traffic network. The station that is far away from the transfer station can only go over. When it is in a hurry, it can run, or take other transportation, not only waste. The time cost is also higher. This problem can be solved with a public bike sharing system.The biggest point of the system is that it is easy to use. It only needs to download a related APP on the mobile phone to register and recharge it. After the scan, it will be scanned. In the process of riding, there will be real-time positioning and roads and places where vehicles can be parked. After parking the car and locking it, the whole ride will end, and there will be a deduction message when the lock is completed. 

moped_pic3 (1).png

Its disadvantage is that the vehicle can only be used and parked at the corresponding parking spot, but this shortcoming has been overcome. It has many fragmented parking spots in the city, which allows users to park at any time. This way is to bring convenience to the user and to make the management of the vehicle more convenient and quicker.

In the real use, you will find the convenience of the public city bike system for your life. In order not to let this convenience fade away, please take care of the various public facilities around you. Friends who are interested in the public city bicycle system can consult or order through the customer service hotline, we welcome you.

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