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The origin of public bicycle system

Date: 2019/10/10

The public bicycle system can be seen everywhere around us now, and the number of people using it is increasing. Do you know its source? Let's follow us to learn about it.

public bicycle system

Now the public bicycle system we are using is the third generation. It originated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It has some white unlocked vehicles in the public area. His initial expectation is to let people use the two cars free for a long time, but after a few days, all the vehicles were damaged or lost. Finally, the plan failed. This is the origin of the beginning. More than a decade later, in Copenhagen, Denmark, coins were introduced as vouchers to rent vehicles at fixed locations, and then coins were returned. In the process, the users were anonymous and the vehicles were still missing. This form is also in use now. In the late 1990s, the system was upgraded by using various advanced technical means and network technology. Users can be clearly known in this system, which is convenient for later management. With the continuous upgrading and improvement of this form, gradually formed the system we are now using.

In 2007, China introduced an intelligent system with complete and operational capability. First, it was initially put into large cities, and then gradually expanded to small cities. In 2017, China has entered the upsurge of public bicycles. With the gradual development and improvement, it is now in a stable state, which can be carried out well in both management and monitoring.

The public bicycle system will not change much after decades of continuous updating. From its origin, we can see that the main purpose of the public bicycle system is to provide convenience for people, in order to achieve more convenient and fast travel.

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