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Characteristics of smart bicycle sharing

Date: 2019/08/09

The momentum of smart bicycle sharing sweeping the streets and alleys of cities has stabilized. It's not that the gimmick of sharing bicycles is not enough, but that the sharing of smart bicycles is almost saturated everywhere. In the competitive advantage and disadvantage of various enterprises, the status of bicycle lock, the core part of intelligent bicycle sharing, has emerged.

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smart bicycle sharing Intelligent Lock

smart bicycle sharing lock will become standard

The main reason why smart locks become the standard of smart bicycle sharing is not only that they can locate and guard against theft, but also that they are an important source of data acquisition. Such as real-time positioning, data exchange with cloud platform, completion of docking with electronic fence and other functions. Therefore, smart bicycle sharing lock is the core standard of shared bicycle.

1. Efficient unlocking

For example, Yongan Bluetooth smart lock, efficient response. It can unlock in three seconds with mobile app, wechat and applet, even shorter time.

2. Extra-long standby

Low power standby using GPS and Bluetooth. Additional solar charging panels, and even bicycle charging, achieve perfect standby, maintain sufficient electricity

3. Supporting black technology such as electronic fence

Connect with various brand electronic fences to realize standard parking of shared bicycles.

There are many other features of smart bicycle sharing intelligent locks. The future trend will be to improve the construction of cloud platform and realize all kinds of docking of the Internet of Things, which is the general direction of bicycle intelligent lock.

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