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Brief Introduction to smart bike sharing

Date: 2019/07/29

Smart bike sharing is also called smart bicycle sharing.

Smart bicycle sharing means that enterprises provide smart bicycle sharing services in campus, subway station, bus station, residential area, commercial area, public service area and so on. It is a new form of sharing economy. Since the end of 2016, smart bicycle sharing has suddenly become a hot topic in China. Twenty-four icons of ssmart bicycle sharing applications dominate the entire mobile phone screen, which is really "a picture illustrating the fierce competition of smart bicycle sharing". In the streets, as if overnight, the sharing of intelligent bicycles has reached the "flooding" point, and the roadside of major cities is lined with smart bicycle sharing of various colors.

smart bike sharing.png

Smart bicycle sharing Adhesive Demand:

1. Excellent weather resistance

2. Sealing and waterproofing of GPS positioner

3. Circuit Board Insulation, Moisture-proof, Dust-proof, Mildew-proof and Salt-fog-proof

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