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Intelligence to Innovation and Development of smart bike sharing

Date: 2019/07/26

Green low-carbon smart bike sharing is becoming a "business card" leading ecological sports, promoting the healthy and rapid development of smart bike sharing industry.

Intelligence Helps the Development of Intelligent Bicycle Sharing Industry

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"Intelligent bicycle sharing is a new type of bicycle, with battery as auxiliary power source, equipped with motor and power auxiliary system, which can realize the integration of human cycling and motor-assisted driving. 250W motors can let ordinary cyclists climb like a flat ground." Compared with traditional bicycles, intelligent bicycle sharing can complete the whole boost acceleration process through mechanical technology sensors and controllers, which makes the riding process more time-saving and labor-saving.

Compared with ordinary bicycles, the biggest difference in smart bike sharing is that they have motors, batteries and control motherboards. One of the core technologies of smart bike sharing is sensors, which can accurately sense that riders need help. Its intelligence is reflected here. The biggest difference between smart bike sharing and electric bicycle is that there is no control valve or ordinary acceleration handle, but through the cooperation of moment sensor and motor controller, the acceleration process is automatically completed. That is to say, the driving parameters are collected by sensors, so as to determine whether the cyclist needs motor assistance and more. Great help.

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