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How to use the public city bike?

Date: 2019/07/24

Yonon public city bike ollow the trend of the widespread use of smart phones. The self-developed mobile phone scanner loan system, combined with Yonon app small program, has changed the traditional way of swiping cards.

public city bike.png

Step 1: Enter the mobile app and search for Yonganxing.

Step 2: Register the user, charge deposit and balance according to the steps.

Step 3: Click on the scanner to unlock and align the two-dimensional code on the lock column to unlock. You will still hear the reminder "Please pick up the car".

Step 4: Push the car into the locker after arriving at the destination.

Step 5: You can see the ride settlement results on your smartphone.

Note 1: On the smartphone, you can find out the near by public city bike return station.

Note 2: After use, the deposit can be refunded independently on the mobile phone. Rent is not refundable.

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