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Black Technology Shared by smart bicycle sharing

Date: 2019/07/23

While enjoying the convenience of smart bicycle sharing, don't forget that smart bicycle sharing is also a super product with black technology.

What black technologies do you know about smart bike sharing?

Intelligent Lock

 smart bicycle sharing

Speaking of the black technology shared by smart bike sharing, it is inevitable that smart car locks are inseparable.

Because there are many digital units on the locks of smart cars on shared bicycles, the functions of these digital units can be summed up as a separate SIM card.

With this smart car lock, we can easily find nearby vehicles through GPS positioning.

We can reserve bicycles in advance by remote operation of Yongan app network to prevent bicycles from being ridden by others; we can let the locks emit dripping sounds and quickly find out which bicycle you have; we can automatically open the locks by one key scan code; we can automatically return the bicycles after the locks are locked; if the car has a fault, we can also scan code. The car will be automatically prompted for malfunction.

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