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Focus on smart bicycle sharing travel

Date: 2019/07/16

Smart bicycle sharing is committed to solving the problem of "the last mile of travel", but the disorderly parking of urban shared bicycles makes many investors lose confidence in it. So investors have a new idea - Factory smart bicycle sharing, bypassing the city, turning the market to factory, park, focusing on factory travel.

smart bicycle sharing.png

Smart bicycle sharing can not only fill the shortage of public transport in the park, but also standardize the standardized operation of intelligent bicycle sharing in the industrial area. Through the introduction of  smart bicycle sharing in the industrial area, the problem of staff commuting to work and on-site travel unchanged can be solved, and industrial enterprises can be solved. The connection between industry and public transport in the park provides industrial workers with the convenience of commuting to work and "the last kilometer" in the park, helps enterprises to improve operational efficiency, and saves energy and reduces emissions for the park.

Smart bicycle sharing in factory

Moreover, smart bicycle sharing can also be associated with other shared economies, such as sharing rechargeable treasures, washing machines, dryers, hair dryers, etc. Based on the mobile Internet, some new innovative factory districts and park sharing economies can be explored.

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