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What is a public e bike?

Date: 2019/06/25

Public e bike is the abbreviation of "public e bike travel system". The system is usually deployed and constructed in the city as a unit. It consists of data center, station, parking electronic anti-theft lock, public e bike(including on-board locks, vehicle electronic tags) and corresponding communication and monitoring equipment.

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A data center can manage hundreds to thousands of sites, each with 20 to 80 parking electronic anti-theft locks.

The main layout of the station is near the entrance and exit of the residents'living and working agglomeration area and the bus station, which focuses on solving the problem of "the last kilometer of public transport". It is an integral part of urban public transport.

Public bicycle management units issue car borrowing cards to residents. Users swipe their cards at the site to borrow cars. After arriving at the destination, they return the car to the nearest site. A certain usage fee can be charged according to the usage time and certain charging standards.

According to the different connection mode between vehicle and parking device, it can be divided into soft connection type and hard connection type.

According to the appearance of parking device, it can be divided into beam type, column type, gantry type and other different types, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

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