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what is smart bike share system?

Date: 2019/06/18

1. Cloud Computing Infrastructure Platform

The Cloud Application of smart bike share system is a large-scale two-way real-time application based on cloud computing. On the one hand, cloud computing can ensure the rapid deployment and high scalability of intelligent bicycle sharing system applications, on the other hand, it can cope with large-scale high-concurrency scenarios and meet the needs of millions of connections.

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2. Data assets

Cloud applications need to collect, store and manage two kinds of key data: smart bike share system data (asset data of Internet of Things characteristics: communication connection status, locks status, usage records of bicycles), smart bicycle sharing system data by smart locks through communication modules and SIM cards, through the network of telecommunication operators and the Internet of Things platform of operators. The service platform of intelligent bicycle sharing system; user data (user data of Internet characteristics: besides user basic information, consumption records, user accounts and credit information, etc.), it also includes user behavior data: riding path and location information. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the intelligent bicycle sharing system is an application of "Internet of Things + Internet", so enterprise assets (bicycles) and user data are the core assets of bicycle enterprises.

3. Platform Services

As the smart bike share system involves the management of massive Internet of Things data and user data on the one hand, it also needs to follow up the user's needs and do function development and optimization at any time, so the platform service (PaaS) will be built first in the application. Equipped with platform service layer, on the one hand, it can enable applications to carry millions of high concurrent data streams, on the other hand, it can achieve dynamic allocation of resources and capabilities, and flexible development of functions.

4. Integrated Application

The cloud-based smart bike share system integrates external Internet functions (e.g. payment, two-dimensional code application, electronic map, etc.), links bicycles and users, and completes a complete set of rental service processes (map search-two-dimensional scanning-user unlock-rider use-locked return-payment settlement).

In the whole rental process, the smart bike share system is actually implemented in the cloud. Cloud applications dominate the interaction with users and the switching of smart locks, while smart locks only execute user operations and cloud instructions in the service process. In addition, cloud applications can also implement many extended applications, such as Internet marketing, electronic fencing, bicycle booking services, etc.

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