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Yonon Public Bicycle System Co. Ltd. is public bicycle system solution provider.

Date: 2019/06/13

 Yonon Public Bicycle System Co., Ltd. is public bicycle system solution provider.Youon is a leading developer and service provider of urban green transportation system, providing omnibearing green transportation services in cities through our IoT technology and big data platform, creating a low-carbon trade platform that all people can participate in, and guiding the whole society to develop green travel and low-carbon lifestyle.

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The main products of Youon public city bike Co.Ltd. are public e bike,public electric bike,public city bike,public city bike system,public bicycle system,public bike sharing system,smart bike sharing,smart bicycle sharing,smart bike share system and so on.

If you have needs, welcome to contact Youon public city bike.And our public city bikecan get a bike at any station, and return it to any station

The smart bike share system is independently researched and developed, and has more than 100 intellectual property rights and related patents of core technologies.

On August 17, 2017, Youon is successfully listed on A stock board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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